Writing About Your Life

Someone asked me: when can I remember? I just answered: if she feels she doesn’t have time, it is the result of her choice not to have time. I know that making life decisions feels like overwhelming pressure. The meaning will, of course, change as your experience changes. My premise is that you can write an exciting story about the ordinary little moments in your life. Don’t try to include everything. Find the focus. Then get stories from life. I believe people will be related to what you write.

What I learned about writing through trial and error. This is just old school. But you have enough courage to walk fewer paths. For some reason, we firmly refuse to put it into practice until we complete the plan’s roadmap. We think it sounds reasonable. We are just beginners. But this does not mean it is true. Do you remember an old saying, “Money can’t buy my love”? You don’t need deep reflection when writing the first draft of the story. Sometimes thinking is the perfect enemy. You’re trying to register, aren’t you? The trick is to rely on your imagination. The fact is, you find out when you write.

So what’s the right way to tell a story? Simply put, search your background for essential experiences. There are many writing forms of memoirs: biography, autobiography, memoirs, mini-memoirs, snapshots, poems, postmodernism, etc. In many ways, you can’t understand it until you’re writing an experience. This is the struggle to define yourself. Write these things down. You cannot throw away what you did not realize. Don’t write in a pompous situation. If you do that, your work will be useless to us. Write with emotion, passion and compassion!

To be a writer, you don’t have to live a “great” life. You tell us what you have done through your passion for life itself. Recently, I realized the urgency to keep in mind the stories we haven’t written yet. This is the time to remember. Your day and night are your own business. Memorize your information and fill it in your notebook. I’m sure you have something to say now. Just close your eyes, breathe in the fragrance, and you will be there.

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