Rice Purity Test for boys (Latest 2021)

Rice Purity test for boys: In the word of exams and tests, there is one more test which needs to pass to get admission to the university in the United States. This test is also called maturity or purity test as well. So tell me have you ever heard about Rice purity test for boys? If not, then today we will give you complete information. The first test was taken in 1924 about 96-year before, and the test was the combination of the question of bad habits and personal life. Rice purity test is a survey of self-grading through which you can quickly determine how much pure you are. In this test, you need to answer about 100 questions.

What kind of question will they ask in Rice purity test? As you can guess from the name “Rice Purity test for boys”, they will ask about your personal life. What do you like? What do you want? Have you ever cheat someone? Because most of the boys cheat girls. So for boys, they will ask about your sex life like how it feels, etc.

In this test, they will ask every question that you do not answer in regular days. Also, they will ask about your student, like academic life, your hostel life. Also, in this test, you have to answer all question about your crime recode from childhood to the teenage. But most of the questions are about teenage because they want to judge your purity.

Rice purity test for boys

Do I need Rice purity test as a boy?

Rice purity test is fun for most of the people, so don’t take it seriously. Most of the people do it to overcome the bordem. You need this test because, through this test, you will identify your character. You will know everything about yourself how much innocent you are and what changes do you need. For example, you got a bad score, and you think you don’t have a pure character. Rice purity test for boys well help you to improve. Also, don’t be scared your information is secured in safe hands. It would be best if you tried mybe you got 100% score which shows that you are pure. Or it is also possible you got a 0% score which shows that you are not pure. It also helps to find the partner by checking his or her purity test score.

What is the difference between girls and boys purity test?

Before starting the test, they will ask about your gender. Actually, the concern is the same in rice purity test only want to check your purity; it doesn’t matter whether you are a girl or boy. The only difference is that they will ask the relevant question which matches the gender. As we all know, there is a difference in a girl’s life and boys life. Girls have some other issues, and boys have others, so these things make a difference.

How Rice Purity Test for boys Work?

Rice purity test help the boys to stop their bad habits. This test helps them to realize what actually they are doing and what character they have.  For boys, there are so many questions about 0 to 2000, but you only need to answer the first 100 questions. In the first 100 questions, they will cover all personal questions related to your life, career, criminal record and about your partner. Also, they will cover all questions related to your bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs and other smilier bad habits. Please don’t be ashamed while doing rice purity test go for it and find out where you are wrong which habits should you quit.

Rice purity test is the best platform for those who do not share their problems with friends and family. But they want to know either they are doing right or bad. After the purity test don’t be depressed if you got a lousy score, try to improve. Change your self, avoid bad gatherings, avoid bad habits like drinking alcohol etc. After one or two again try your self in Rice purity test and check your changes and improvements. This is the actual purpose of this survey. After checking the score, you will start improving your score, and in the end, you will get rid of all bad habits.


In this article, we have discussed Rice purity test for boys. We have provided all the information and the procedure related to a rice purity test. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this test? Why is this test necessary? If you are addicted to bad habits, then you must need to attempt this survey. This will help you to improve your daily life evil activities as well as yo get rid of worse habits. After some months you will find your self totally changed. So if any of your family member or friends are addicted to some immoral activities then suggest then share this content with them.



Where did the rice purity test for boys come from?

In 1924, the first time this test was taken by the rice university to check the purity of the new students applying for the university. The purpose of this test was to change the life of the student who was ready to take a new step toward their new college life.

How Rice Purity Test Work?

When you open the website for Rice purity test, there you will find the start button below. Just click the start button. There you will find about 100 questions related to personal life. Also, they will provide only two options, yes or no. Click on the option which suits you. After answering all the 100 questions, then click on calculate my score option. After 2 minutes, they will show you the exact score.

What is the average score on the rice purity test?

As we already discussed if you got 0%, it means you are less pure, but if you got 100%, it's mean you are pure. So the average rice purity test score is 61%. This percentage shows that you are an average person.