What is the Rice Purity Test?

The rice purity test actually starting after 100 questions were examined by Rice University in Houston, Texas. This is a self-assessment study designed to assess the degree of innocence assumed by participants in activities such as:

  1. Relationship Goals
  2. Drugs
  3. Cheating

The purpose of this survey is to assess how the experience of college life affects personal life and whether their time spent in the college environment has improved.

Additionally, this is a way for older students to understand how harmless the incoming influx of students will be.

In general, the test uses a percentage scale to score people, with 0% being the least pure person and 100% the purest person.

It was once automatically tested by freshmen to connect with other similar students.

Online purity tests are the first Internet memos first popularized on Usenet in the early 1980s.

However, similar types of tests circulated under various names long before the existence of the internet – with Colombia University producing a survey in 1935, published in campus humour magazine, The Jester.

How does the rice purity test work?

The test contains 100 questions about aspects such as gender, crime, and drugs.

The purity test is performe by the individual and only requires a yes or no answer to a list of hundreds of “Have you ever …”

Users who are asking to take a survey to check everything they do before the test generates scores.

What does your score in the rice purity test mean?

The higher the score, the purer your life, and the “ineffable” behaviour are most detrimental to the score.

A score of 100% is the purest, while a score of 0% is the least pure.

As the designer of the test says, “In other words, using methamphetamine is more unethical than holding hands. This test reflects this.”

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