The Reason You’re Not Writing And How To Change That

For many people, the ideal life is to be a writer. They imagine that they are writing at home and making a lot of money.

The problem is, while this is an ideal choice, it is rarely realistic. In fact, there is a big difference between wanting to write and wanting to be a writer. There is even a famous saying:

“The difference … between those who say they want to be a writer and those who say they want to write … the former wants to be made aware of the cocktail party, and the latter is preparing for a long time. Stay at the table for a few hours.” ~ John Mortimer (Most famous writer in a TV series, re-examined Bailey and Lambert with Brides Head)

But even for those of us who really love writing, it’s still very difficult to sit down and write every day. This is what we call the resistance movement, and even some of the most prolific writers in the world are affected by it.


To use my humble but very accurate view, this is because writing is a job. This is work.

When you see someone on their computer typing or writing in a notebook, it’s easy to think they’re not doing anything at all.

Therefore, this is an idyllic life in the eyes of others. But writing is work, and the most successful writers will work hard.

Novelist Agatha Christie has written 66 novels, Stephen King has written 61 novels and 200 short stories to date (this is not a short IMHO), Isaac A Issac Asimov has written more than 400 novels, showing that successful writers are prolific writers.

But not only that, they also want to write. They dream of writing instead of being at home.

If you want to write, but don’t want to write a big novel, that’s fine as there are many different ways to write.

For example, some millionaire bloggers write short articles to help them live a good life.

However, what you need most is writing wishes. Great writers aren’t necessarily the best writers, they just outdo others.

They understand that being a writer is a lonely job. 100% concentration is required when writing. You cannot speak, sing or watch TV. When writing, you should focus on your work and not be distracted.

However, if you are willing and prepared, then there is no reason not to be a productive and financially successful writer.

When I started writing I was working full time. Then I switched to a side job so that I could write more. Eventually, I stopped working as an employee and started working as a writer.

I discovered that not only can I get all the income from writing, but I can also write anywhere.

All I need is a quiet, uninterrupted time every day, just me, my notebook, pencil and laptop. This is a portable way of working, a true laptop lifestyle.

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