Personality Test

Personality test:In previous articles we discussed about Rice purity Test.Today we are going to discuss about Personality Test. Human personality has different emotional and behavioral traits. In routine, we usually showed different traits by communicating or sometimes in a particular situation. Not all traits or charters may be visible to anyone at once. There are some set of techniques constructed by the professionals to find out about the hidden human characters. It’s a way to explore and learn about a person’s thoughts, feelings or emotions. As well as personality test helps in the treatment of some medical conditions.

Assessment of personality is an ongoing process. We usually asses each other with their dealing, behavior, and responses in a particular situation. Similarly, the psychologist and mental health consultant do the same assessment but in a different way. They designed a systematic personality assessment test to collect the information and then go with the analysis. It makes things much easier for the analyst to describe human traits. As well as prove good in different fields for different purposes.

Personality Test

Personality test and its usage

The personality of a person is evaluated in multiple ways. It provides the solution to multiple issues and uses in the treatment as well. companies use personality testing in the interview and hiring procedures, in the cognitive health issues personality test helps to evaluate issues. As well as it is used by the psychologist to treat the people relationship and personality conflicts.

Here is some effective usage of personality testing in our daily routine:

Assessment of personality theories

A personality test usually takes place to study the core components of different individual’s personalities. Through this researcher develop theories and study a large population of an individual in a particular situation. Personality traits showed up on how an individual behaves and deals with others. The behavior of a person in a tragic situation, behave in the relationship in hardships and dealing with co-workers in an argumentative situation, all these are shown up through a personality assessment test. They are considered an important part of an individual’s behavior that forms a complete personality.

Evaluate the personality changes

Personality tests are also used in personality assessment and evaluation for a certain situation. Like a court can conduct it to review the guardians’ personality in custody case, or in the divorce dispute, etc. it can be useful to understand the criminal mindset and behavioral traits to address the seriousness of the situation and many more. It is the best way to uncover the qualities of a personality that are usually not shown in the social circle. An individual can do a personality screening to know about hidden traits to improve and understand the behavior.

Diagnosis and treatment of cognitive issues

A psychologist does the personality test to assess the personal mindset. It helps them to reach and diagnose the issue, so they can treat it well. usually, the people who are too much in their jobs got different cognitive disorders that affect their morals, intelligence, and dealing. Personality assessment provides them a solution to incorporate and understand those changes and address them in a manner.

Assessment of candidates for a job   

Personality tests may be a part of the assessment at the job interview, at organizations and academic institutions as well. it is designed to evaluate and assess a candidates’ ability, traits, and skills for a particular job opening. At the time of admission in educational institutions aptitude test occurs, the purpose of this test is to know about a person’s knowledge and intelligence.

Personality assessment test in organizations

Every individual has a different performance level based on interpersonal skills, knowledge, and motivation. Sometimes people fail to know about their actual potential due to some hidden traits and behavioral aspects. In the organization’s personality assessment test conducted to evaluate the actual ability of an individual to do the particular task. This task is performed by the team leader or a manager of a particular team. He is a person who is authorized to evaluate each team member and their capability. Similarly, the manager will do a job to motivate them by finding the negative traits and create interactive learning and developing the environment.

Personality assessment test in an organization gives multiple advantages. Here are some stated as:

  • Evaluate the actual potential that a person is capable to do.
  • It improves the performance of the individuals in their respective areas.
  • A manager can better shuffle or re positioned its team members according to their personality or interpersonal skills.
  • A way that helps to create an interactive working atmosphere that ultimately improves sales and productivity.
  • At the time of hiring, a personality test helps organizations to shortlist potential candidates for a particular job.
  • By evaluating the strong and weak candidate an organization can set the people on particular job positions. It raises the level of outcomes when the right person is doing the right job.

Classification of personality assessment

Personality assessment is divided into two major classes, that are:

  • Self-report inventories
  • Projective tests

Self-report inventories

In the self-report inventories involves the test takers, they read particular question statement and write down their perception. It includes their opinion about a statement or how a statement applies to them. MMPI is one of the common self-report inventories that used to assess personality. It stands for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality inventory.

Projective tests

As the name shows the projection or a display about a scenario or a situation. It means that the projective tests include a scene, objective or a particular scenario and test-takers have to interpret that scenario. Through this interpretation, the analyzer evaluates a person’s mindset and personality traits in that scenario. Rorschach Inkblot Test is a common example of the projective test of the personality assessment.

Common types of personality test

A personality test is a useful measure that offers a way for a person to find out its capabilities or weakness. In a different situation, the different test helps to understand the behavioral traits of a person. It helps to evaluate the hidden traits and the responses of a person towards a situation. There are multiple types of personality test, each test has its specification in response to a situation. Here are some types discussed below:

Types of personlity test

SHL Occupation Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

Occupation personality questionnaire is a type of a personality assessment test used to find out a person’s ability to do a task. Through this test, a group of individuals evaluates to know about their skills to appoint them for a particular position. In this questionnaire, 32 different questions are designed to explore 32 personality traits. It makes the selection process easy and the right person will be appointed for the right task.

The Caliper Profile

This assessment test is conducted to know about the potential of a candidate. The caliper profile is conducted at the assessment centers. With this questionnaire, an evaluator can find out about the potential, ambition, and factors that inspire them to get hire a person for a particular job or a task. This assessment is available in an online format.

Saville Wave Personality Assessments

The Saville wave personality assessment test is a way to identify a person’s ability to perform a task. As well as it helps to know about the external factors like the environment or a situation that suits a person to perform his or her best. The test is available in two different formats, one is with a duration of 13 minutes and the other is with 40 minutes. You can perform this test online or at the particular assessment center as well.

Talent Q Dimensions

Talent Q Dimension test as shown with the name that a test helps to evaluate a level of talent in various situations. It includes different dimensions like a person’s interpersonal skills, emotional strength, behavioral competencies, and responses as well. by reviewing all the skills, it is evaluated that a person is fit for the particular scenario or not. It includes around 160 question statements that took around 25 minutes to conducted.

Gallup Strengths Finder

Strengths Finder personality test as the name indicates something about the strength of a person. In the questionnaire design, 34 different statements are designed according to individual characteristics. Individual who participated in the test has to address the statements, the responses direct away towards the highlighted trait of a personality. The allocation of a job is to respond to the assigned according to results.

Psych Central’s Personality Test

This central personality test is conducted to evaluate the best behavioral or personality traits. Through this, a person will know about the five major personality traits that are highlighted in a personality.

Jungian 16-Type Personality Test

Jungian 16 type of personality test highlight the personality traits after evaluating 64 question statements. It is just like the MBIT 16 types.

Psych Central’s Personality Disorders Test

Psych central’s personality disorder test usually conducted by the psychiatrists. It helps them to find out a mental or a personality disorder in an individual. It can be used for the assessment or treatment as well.

Quick Personality Test

A quick personality test addresses the quick five personality traits. It includes the extraversion, emotional aspects, experience & exposure, agree-ability towards a situation or the carefulness or a person. The test has the quick ten-question statements that a person has to answer and results are evaluated accordingly.

Extraversion-Introversion Test

A person has two different tendencies, that he or she can be introverted or extroverted. This test helps to find out this basic trait of a personality. It includes 16 different question statements that include the score to find out whether a person is introvert or an extrovert.

What’s Your Emotional Type? Quiz

This quiz is conducted to find out the level of emotional expression a person has. In this, a set of question statement includes that address a person’s emotional structure in a particular situation. As well as how quickly and effectively a person tends to overcome pain and emotions.

Borderline Personality Test

A borderline personality test is helpful to find out whether a person has a broad line personality disorder or not. It is a 12 item question statement and usually, mental health consultant uses this for the diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, another quiz that is a borderline personality quiz with 10 questions uses for the same purpose.

Narcissistic Personality Inventory

As the individual’s behavioral traits are not defined. Narcissistic personality inventory used to find out the narcissism or self-admire traits of a personality. It usually helps to diagnose self-admire personality disorder as well. in this test, 40 different statements gather the information that latterly evaluated to conclude a report.

Paranoid Personality Test

Paranoid, obsessed and suspicious are some traits that consider negative and cause a kind of personality disorder. This paranoid personality test used to evaluate this issue and later direct away towards the treatment as well. It includes the 8 question statements that need to be addressed. Physiologist uses this test in their treatment procedure.

The Psychopathy Quiz

A psychopath is a serious personality complication that can be due to any reason. This psychopathy quiz test helps to find out whether a person it psychopath or not. The psychologist uses this test in the treatment procedure as well as this 12 questions based test can be answered by anyone who wants to know, whether he or she is a psychopath or not.

Emotional IQ Test

IQ evaluation is a random test that people usually do to evaluate their level of IQ. It is readily available online. But for the emotional IQ level, you have to go through with the EQ test. It helps to find out how a person is good enough to behave emotionally in a particular situation.

Self-Esteem Test

Self-esteem is an important component to lead a happy and satisfied life. This self-esteem test will help to evaluate the level of happiness and self-regard. A person can check it with this random online available test.

Dr. Phil’s Personality Test

This Dr. Phil’s personality test is designed to know about the personality as well as how your friends see your personality. It is fun to answer the 10 different question statement and evaluate what your friends think about your personality.


Personality testing & potential limitations

Personality testing is an effective and useful way to evaluate and find out about the hidden behavioral traits of a person. Each test or quiz has some limitations that make it a bit difficult to get and approach the correct results. Limitations are depending on the possibility to engage the individuals to get the right feedback about a certain question statement. Because you can only evaluate an individual’s weakness, strength and potential with the right provided information. If a person fails to give proper input, then it is hard to get the proper outcomes or results.

Usually, it happens that people try to make wrong statements and incorrect answers to build and show a fake image in front of the world. As well as it happens that not everyone good at describing and sharing about himself. If an individual is not able to describe his or her personality, then the personality test may fail to give appropriate results.

Some of the personality tests are time taking or lengthy. Due to which it fails to keep up the interest of individuals. It directly affects the results or outcomes. similarly, not every format or a test can be used for all situations. Because it is not suitable to access every individual with the same pattern and a format.

Final consideration!

A personality assessment test is readily available online and people tend to use them for the assessment and evaluation. But the considering point is what kind of test you are going to conduct or for what purpose? If it is for a fun, then there are multiple informal and just for fun assessment test are available to go through for a so-called evaluation. But in different assessment centers, at mental health institutions and most of the organizations the personality assessment test is conducted for a real reason.

They provide a way out through which it is evaluated that what kind of character and traits a person has. As well as they are helpful in the process of diagnosis and treatment of multiple issues or personality disorders as well. the choice of the test is depending on the priority and a situation at which tests going to be conducted and what happens when the results out.