How to Stop Worrying and Start Writing

A few days ago, I read “Becoming a Writer” (1934) by Dorothea Brande, which is undoubtedly one of the best books ever. She rightly emphasized that learning to write is inextricably linked to learning to write. Trust is key for beginners to express their thoughts to the world. Part of the problem for aspiring writers … Read more

Writing About Your Life

Someone asked me: when can I remember? I just answered: if she feels she doesn’t have time, it is the result of her choice not to have time. I know that making life decisions feels like overwhelming pressure. The meaning will, of course, change as your experience changes. My premise is that you can write … Read more

What Should I Do to Be Good in The Business Letter?

Business writing is different. Often, for a business reader, writing is actually different from writing in philosophy, social arts, or other academic systems. Business writing tries to be concise, not suggestive or imaginative; it emphasizes accuracy and correctness. This difference doesn’t make business lettering better or lower. Instead, it reveals the sole purpose and related … Read more

Optimizing Content for Search Engines

There are many aspects to search engine optimization (SEO). Using the right keywords to optimize content is one of the most important aspects. However, because of their passion for writing, writers tend to ignore certain aspects of writing, and their content may not achieve their goals. The purpose of any content is to attract audiences. … Read more

How to Get Rid Of Bad Habits

There is no doubt that habit is a chain of freedom. But if our lives don’t control habits like nail-biting, thumb sucking, procrastination, etc., how much freedom do we really have? If we really think about it and think about it, we’ll see that most of our lives are done on autopilot. Our actions – … Read more

Why Do You Need to Test Rice Purity?

The rice purity test makes you realize how mature and naive you are. I suggest every student take part in this research and understand your personality in the most appropriate way. Energetic young people want to do well and realize all the luxuries of life in a short time so that they deviate from the … Read more