Rice Purity Test History Score Guide


The rice purity test is a series of 100 questions. These questions are taken in the form of self-scoring surveys to assess a person’s innocence by asking questions about drugs, alcohol, laws, and various other naughty activities. Examples of questions include whether you’ve ever been in a relationship, escaped the police, etc. The test first starts with the most innocent questions (for example, you’ve ever shaken hands romantically), then progresses to more dirty questions. It displays your results as a percentage between 0 and 100, with 0 being the least pure and 100 the purest. The purpose of the rice purity test is to check the maturity of students so that they can comfortably interact with older students.

Who created the Rice Purity Test?

Rice University Purity Test was take by Rice University to test student maturity and help them build relationships with older students based on their experience. The original version of the rice purity test was Introduced in 1924. Since then, more versions have appeared, including more modern editions. Now students take the rice purity test only for fun purposes. An interesting experiment is to take a test at the beginning of the first year of college and then at the end of the third year, or every year on your birthday, to compare your new results with your previous results so that you understand how you have grown up a lot.

Where can I take the rice purity test?

You can get the most popular version of the rice purity test from the Rice Purity Test official website. As I said before, the test will give you results in the form of numbers between 1 and 100. The higher your score, the more you are considered innocent. This is a simple scale that allows you to analyze the score more deeply:

Between 100 and 98:

A score between 100 and 98 represent yourselves pure like gold. It is difficult for someone over 18 to get this score.

Between 97 and 94:

Yourself is still representing pureness. Maybe you’re kissing or holding hands with someone for the first time, but your journey is much more than that.

Between 93 and 77:

It is the average score range, showing that you are not a pure person. Maybe you’ve kissed before and even broke your belt!

Between 76 and 45:

This score indicates that you may have a lot of experience with alcohol and drugs.

Between 44 and 9:

Scores in this range are certainly below average. You may have been in prison, used drugs.

Between 9 and 0:

This score means you’ve done some really crazy things, including even paying for or paying for the bed.

What Else Should I Know About Rice Purity Testing?

As I said before, taking the rice purity test is easy and I feel sad because my score is not as low as my friends. There is no shame in practicing abstinence for any reason, and no shame in waiting for the right person in your life. The rice purity test is just for fun; don’t take it too seriously! I personally like to take quizzes when I’m bored to pass the time, and the rice purity test is a good one that will help you learn about innocence and purity.


Rice purity test is only fro fun person so please don’t take it seriously. So please relax and enjoy your life because life is too short. God bless all of you and always keep rise and shine. Did you ever participate in the rice purity test? Are you going to take the rice purity test again due to boredom? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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